The 2013 Associate Survey

In follow up to our July article on Vault’s Top 25 Associate Quality of Life Rankings, the American Lawyer has now come out with their 2013 Associate Survey. Paul Hastings notched the victory (for a second straight year) with an overall rank of the #1 firm for associates to work. The remainder of the top 10 shook out as follows:

RANK   FIRM                          2012 RANK     +/- CHANGE      RESPONSE RATE
1          Paul Hastings               2                      +1                     94%
2          Nutter McClennen         1                      -1                      67%
3          Robinson Bradshaw      12                     +9                    71%
4          Foley Hoag                    8                      +4                    37%
5          Patterson Belknap         20                     +15                  35%
6          Goulston & Storrs          4                      -2                     77%
7          Cozen O’Connor            5                      -2                     75%
8          Gunderson Dettmer       18                     +10                  45%
9          O’Melveny                      16                     +7                    87%
10         Morgan Lewis                35                     +25                  55%

The rankings were computed based on overall responses in the following areas: how interesting the work is, how satisfying the work is, benefits and compensation, associate relations, partner-associate relations, training and guidance, openness re: finances, communication re: partnership, realistic billable hours, attitude toward pro bono, likelihood of staying two years, and overall rating as a place to work.

Firms named in the top 10 both by Vault and by American Lawyer include: Paul Hastings, Boston-based Foley Hoag, and New York-based Patterson Belknap. Firms ranked in American Lawyer’s Top 10 for each of the past two years include: Paul Hastings, Nutter McClennen, Foley Hoag, Goulston & Storrs, and Cozen O’Connor.


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